Meghan Drops "Markle" Surname on New Website With Prince Harry

Meghan Drops “Markle” Surname on New Website With Prince Harry

Meghan Drops "Markle" Surname on New Website With Prince Harry, image credit google

Meghan Drops “Markle” Surname on New Website With Harry

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex appears to have omitted her maiden surname once again on the just-launched website for her and Prince Harry’s nonprofit foundation. The subtle move seems to distance herself further from her estranged father, Thomas Markle.

Launching Post-Royal Life

After stepping back as senior working royals, Harry and Meghan have focused on their business and philanthropic ventures under the Archewell banner. Their sleek new website represents the next era of their independent careers.

On the About page, Meghan goes only by her first name and royal title, excluding “Markle.” Similarly, her profile highlights her SoCal roots and 2018 marriage to Harry but leaves out her paternal surname.

Years-Long Shift

According to Vogue, Meghan first dropped “Markle” on the Archewell Audio page when it launched in late 2020. Now on their main website, she again opts not to use the familial moniker.

This marks a gradual shift since 2018 when Meghan and her father’s relationship imploded ahead of her royal wedding. She has seemingly moved away from the Markle association as that estrangement hardened.

Father-Daughter Fallout

Thomas Markle became embroiled in scandal after allegedly staging paparazzi photos before Meghan’s nuptials. According to Meghan, he also lied about cooperating with tabloids.

The strained ties worsened after Thomas’ on-air interviews. In 2021, he threatened legal action to see Meghan and Harry’s children. All contact between father and daughter appears to have ceased.

Focusing on Her New Family

For Meghan, removing “Markle” distances her from the paternal side which causes much hurt. She now focuses fully on the Sussex family she’s built with Harry and their two young children.

At the same time, Meghan retains her Duchess of Sussex title out of respect for Her Late Majesty and the institution. She balances moving forward while honoring her royal role.

Defining Her Own Identity

Ultimately, Meghan determines her name and identity and speaks measures about the woman she has become. No longer a “Markle,” she tells her own story.

On the new website, her bio highlights only her relevance as an “actor, entrepreneur, and activist” and her pride in being a “mom” to Archie and Lili. She defines herself beyond family names.

Looking to the Future

For Meghan, the Archewell launch represents a clean slate personally and professionally. Omitting “Markle” signals she is focused squarely on the impact she can make going forward.

Alongside Harry, she aims to create meaningful change through business, charity, and storytelling. Her choice to just be “Meghan” reflects the purpose-driven leader she has grown into.

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