Meghan Markle Names Two Royals: In a Controversy Over Skin Color

Meghan Markle Names Two Royals: In a Controversy Over Skin Color

Meghan Markle names two Royals: In a controversy over skin color

‘Endgame’ by Omid Scobie contains shocking revelations that shed light on Markle’s letters.

Omid Scobie’s most recent book, Endgame, shockingly claimed that Meghan Markle had specifically named two Royal Household members who she claimed had conversations about the probable skin tone of her unborn child, Archie.

These revelations were allegedly made in a series of letters that Meghan and King Charles exchanged in the spring of 2021, after her extensively publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey, according to a report by The Sun.

Meghan Markle Names Two Royals: In a Controversy Over Skin Color
image by/Instagram

Solving the enigma

The book goes into great detail about Megha Markle’s correspondence with King Charles, revealing that the Duchess blamed two people for the contentious exchanges.

The first individual is still unknown, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed following their interview that neither the Queen nor the Duke of Edinburgh was involved.

Meghan Markle Names Two Royals: In a Controversy Over Skin Color
Endgame. image by/Instagram

It is unclear what the second individual’s position is in the royal circle, so it is possible to speculate about whether they are a member of the household or a family member.

The reaction from Buckingham Palace

In a statement in response to the claims, the Queen expressed concern while cautioning that recollections may vary. Harry’s father, Prince Charles, is said to have replied to Meghan’s letters with the intention of making his position on the subject clear.

The book Scobie wrote states that Prince Charles said he felt no ill will or casual prejudice” in any conversations about Archie’s skin tone.

Harry refutes claims that he is racist.

Prince Harry refuted allegations of racism during the promotion of his memoir Spare, despite the explosive nature of the claims. According to him, their worries were more about “unconscious bias” than overt discriminatory behavior.

Meghan Markle Names Two Royals: In a Controversy Over Skin Color
relationship, image by/Instagram

Reputably close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Omid Scobie co-wrote the contentious book Finding Freedom two years ago. The royal couple disassociated themselves from the writer at the time and denied working with him. The ongoing story about the Sussexes’ relationship with the Royal Family now has a new dimension thanks to Endgame.

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