Meghan Markle Spiral Into Negativity: An Unfortunate "Achievement?"

Meghan Markle Spiral Into Negativity: An Unfortunate “Achievement?”

Meghan Markle Spiral Into Negativity: An Unfortunate "Achievement?"

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s very public spiral into overwhelming negativity from the British public and media has been called a tragic “achievement” by one royal expert. Author Michael Cole argues the Duchess has shockingly undone the warm welcome and admiration she basked in on her royal wedding day in 2018.

The Celebrated Royal Arrival of Meghan Markle

When Meghan Markle arrived on the scene as Prince Harry’s bride, she was largely met with open arms in the UK. The American actress was hailed as a breath of fresh air for the monarchy – beautiful, biracial, divorced, and a proud feminist. Her globally-watched Windsor Castle wedding was regarded as a modern fairytale.

However, according to Cole’s analysis, “That is quite an achievement when you consider how she was welcomed and admired on her wedding day in 2018.” So what led to her stunning fall from grace and spiral into such sustained negativity?

The Public Implosion of “Brand Sussex”

In his piece for Express UK, Cole asserts that “It would be difficult to exaggerate the present negativity surrounding Meghan in Britain.” He highlights how the optimism and approval she benefited from at first has been comprehensively reversed.

Part of this pendulum swing in sentiment stems from the Duke and Duchess’s high-profile attacks on the Royal Family and their acrimonious exit as working royals. Meghan herself has been excoriated for seemingly persisting in waging a “truth war” against The Firm.

The more the couple has tried to shape their public narrative and “re-brand” endeavors like their Archewell foundation, the more pushback and negativity they’ve faced. The Court of Public Opinion has ruled against “Brand Sussex.”

Cautionary Tale of Image Mismanagement?

For Cole and other royal commentators, Meghan Markle’s journey represents a cautionary tale of reckless image mismanagement that has submarined her approval ratings. What began with such widespread positivity and admiration has disintegrated into an “achievement” of negativity – an outcome few could have foreseen.

As the Sussexes continue pursuing lucrative business opportunities centered on their brand, reversing this spiral will prove an immense challenge without a major change of strategy and attitude. The reputational battle appears to be raging on.

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