Exciting Hollywood Sequels to Look Forward to in 2024

Exciting Hollywood Sequels to Look Forward to in 2024

Exciting Hollywood Sequels to Look Forward to in 2024, image by canva

Welcome to My Blog Post. I’m Angeline, and today we’re going to talk about the top five big sequel movies in Hollywood that are set to release in 2024. Hollywood always keeps us eagerly awaiting its upcoming sequel films, and 2024 is no exception. Just like this year gave us exciting sequels like “Fast & Furious 9” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” 2024 promises to bring us several more. Let’s dive into the details of these five upcoming films.

Joker 2 (October 2024)

After the success of “Joker” directed by Todd Phillips in 2019, fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel. Starring Joaquin Phoenix once again in the iconic role, alongside Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, the teaser trailer is yet to be released. The film is expected to hit the theaters in October 2024, promising another psychological thriller and intriguing storyline.

Dune: Part Two (March 2024)

Following the success of “Dune: Part One” directed by Denis Villeneuve in 2021, the sequel is set to continue the epic space action drama. The trailer for “Dune: Part Two” has already been released, creating anticipation for a visually stunning and captivating film. Originally scheduled for 2023, the release was postponed due to ongoing strikes in Hollywood, and now it is expected to hit theaters in March 2024.

Godzilla vs. Kong: Apex (April 2024)

“Godzilla vs. Kong: Apex” is the fifth installment in the MonsterVerse franchise, directed by Adam Wingard. Following the intense battles between Godzilla and Kong, this sequel promises more epic monster showdowns. With Kong facing a new and dangerous monster, fans can expect thrilling sequences. The film is scheduled to be released in April 2024.

Venom 3 (November 2024)

Tom Hardy returns as Venom in the third installment of the franchise, directed by Kelly Marcel. While specific details about the plot are scarce, the teaser trailer indicates that the film will explore new dimensions and challenges for Venom. After the success of the previous films, “Venom 3” is highly anticipated and is set to be released in November 2024.

Deadpool 3 (July 2024)

“Deadpool 3” marks the return of Ryan Reynolds as the irreverent antihero Deadpool. Directed by Shawn Levy, this installment is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and fans are excited to see Deadpool’s antics alongside Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Scheduled for release in July 2024, “Deadpool 3” is expected to bring humor and action in equal measure.

These five sequels are among the most anticipated Hollywood films of 2024, offering a mix of action, humor, and suspense. As we eagerly await their release, let’s share our excitement and predictions in the comments below. Thanks.

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