Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy S24 Phone Expectations

Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy S24 Phone Expectations

Samsung Unpacked: Galaxy S24 Phone Expectations

When Samsung Unpacked Their New Phones, Here’s What You Can Expect

We know everything we need to know about Samsung show on January 17. The Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy AI are part of the S24 line. We hope to learn more about them.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 range is the first smartphone release of the year. New AI features are likely to be the main draw for most people.

The phones should be publicly shown off at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17. This year, Samsung says it will start a “new era of mobile AI” when its own generative AI model comes out. It is said that some Galaxy S24 phones will have Galaxy AI and the company’s Gauss AI model built in.

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S24 Phone Expectations
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For a very long time, smartphones and cameras have included features that are AI-driven. Do you remember the word “computational photography”? But now it looks like it’s the next big thing for phone companies. Google started it all last autumn with the Pixel 8 line, which has a bunch of AI-powered tools that can help you improve and change your pictures.

Apple, on the other hand, is said to be putting a lot of money into AI research, which should lead to some cool AI-based iPhone features soon. 

AI-powered features can definitely change the mobile experience with useful improvements like longer battery life and voice assistants, but they’ve also become a big part of how big phone companies sell their products. Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event will be the latest example of a big phone company trying to cash in on AI’s current popularity around the world.

Talk about the Galaxy S24 phone.

Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S24 Phone Expectations
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A lot has been said (and leaked) about Samsung’s top-of-the-line phones before the event. The Galaxy S24 series is likely to get a small update, but the look is likely to stay mostly the same. Things like the camera and engine will likely change on a regular basis. With the help of new AI tools and tricks, bigger improvements should be possible. Recently, Samsung talked about a new tool called AI Live Translate that would be coming to its “latest Galaxy AI phone.” They haven’t said much else. Real-time translations of both speech and text will show up as you talk, as the name suggests. Importantly, this feature will only work with AI that is on the device itself. This means that talks and translations won’t be able to leave the phone. 

The prices of phones offered in the European Union could change in a big way as well. A new story from GalaxyClub says that the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus could be sold for €899 and €1,149, respectively.

It is said that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will cost €1,449 more and come with a bigger storage choice at the top end. There were no specifics about prices in the US in the report, but it’s possible that Samsung has a different way of setting prices in North America. Read our Galaxy S24 rumour roundup here if you want to know more about what to expect.

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