Sofía Vergara Still Has Love For Ex Joe Manganiello Post-Split

Sofía Vergara Still Has Love For Ex Joe Manganiello Post-Split

Sofía Vergara Still Has Love For Ex Joe Manganiello Post-Split

Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello.

It’s been over half a year since Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello announced their breakup after seven years of marriage. And while Vergara is moving forward, insiders say she still harbors love and misses her ex-husband. Though heartbroken by the divorce, the Modern Family star is focusing her energy on work, friends, and self-care as she adjusts to single life again.

Missing Her Ex

“Sofía misses Joe,” a source close to Vergara confessed to OK! Magazine. Despite the split, it seems Vergara still cares deeply for Manganiello after their long romance. However, she’s making her healing a priority by immersing herself in various passions. As the insider noted, “She’s distracting herself with work, seeing old friends and rediscovering hobbies.”

Reluctant Split After Seven Years

By all accounts, Vergara didn’t initiate the breakup or want the marriage to end. As the source explained, “Sofía didn’t want a divorce; it broke her heart, but she says that’s life.” Ending a years-long relationship is difficult under the best circumstances, let alone in the public eye. Still, Vergara is demonstrating resilience in the aftermath. “She’s done her best to move on and is bouncing back,” the insider observed.

Cultivating Positivity Post-Split

While recovering from heartbreak, the America’s Got Talent judge is also cultivating her signature positive spirit. The source revealed Vergara’s upbeat attitude has been crucial to regaining her footing: “Friends say she seems happier than ever, and the secret is her positive and upbeat attitude.” Rather than fixating on what she’s lost, the superstar is nurturing mental self-care and joy.

Bouncing Back Through Self-Care

However, the insider also noted Vergara hasn’t rebounded overnight from the emotional split. Breakups require processing even for the most grounded singles. “She may fall from time to time, but she always gets back up, brushes herself off, and moves on,” the source commented. By taking the recovery process step-by-step, Vergara demonstrates resilience.

While divorce is undoubtedly painful, Sofía Vergara is showing the power of self-care and an uplifting mindset to heal heartbreak. Though she still misses Manganiello, the beloved actress isn’t letting the past hold her back. Surrounded by support from friends and fans alike, Vergara continues brighter days ahead. Her journey proves that with patience and positivity, there can be life and even love again post-divorce.

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