The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor: Emma Stone On "Poor Things"

The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor: Emma Stone On “Poor Things”

The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor: Emma Stone On "Poor Things", image by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Emma Stone, the Academy Award-winning actor known for her roles in “The Favourite,” “Cruella,” and “La La Land,” is back in the spotlight with her latest film, “Poor Things.” In a recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Emma Stone shared insights into her character, the film’s metaphoric nature, and her exciting experiences as a producer. With 11 Oscar nominations for the film, including Stone’s first as a producer, the buzz around “Poor Things” is undeniable.

The Unconventional Paradigm of “Poor Things”

“Poor Things” takes viewers on a journey into a world where conventional norms are challenged, and Emma Stone’s character, Bella, stands as a symbol of unconventional living. Emma Stone describes Bella as a character who doesn’t experience shame, a trait that allowed the actor to explore a unique and liberating headspace. In the interview with Colbert, Emma Stone expressed the thrill of portraying a character who navigates life without the burden of societal expectations, creating a twisted fairy tale that captivates audiences.

The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor: Emma Stone On "Poor Things"
The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor: Emma Stone On “Poor Things”, image by google

Living in Bella’s World

Bella’s character in “Poor Things” is described as someone who doesn’t judge herself or her impulses. Emma Stone highlights the challenge and excitement of stripping away the usual labels of good or bad, happy or worried, and immersing herself in a character who sees everything as a meaningful and interesting part of life. The actress admits that while it was exhilarating to play such a character, living a life devoid of judgment and societal expectations might not be a choice she would make in reality.

Metaphor and Twisted Fairy Tales

Emma Stone emphasizes that “Poor Things” is not a depiction of reality but a fully metaphorical journey. The film presents a narrative that couldn’t actually happen, existing in the realm of a twisted fairy tale. Bella’s character, untouched by shame and societal norms, becomes a metaphor for a world where people don’t conform to expected behavior, offering an exhilarating exploration of non-conventional lifestyles.

Oscar Nominations and Collaborations

The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor: Emma Stone On "Poor Things"
The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor: Emma Stone On “Poor Things”, image by google

The interview also touched upon Emma Stone achievements, with “Poor Things” garnering a remarkable 11 Oscar nominations. Emma Stone, who has previously worked with director Yorgos Lanthimos, shared that this was their third collaboration. Their creative partnership extends beyond “Poor Things,” as they made another film titled “Kinds of Kindness” after completing the latest project.

Diving into “The Curse”

Aside from “Poor Things,” Stone is also part of the unique and unprecedented show titled “The Curse.” Created by Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie, the show revolves around a couple trying to rejuvenate a town in New Mexico with eco-friendly homes and a mirrored exterior to blend into the environment. Emma Stone provides insights into the quirky and one-of-a-kind series, expressing her excitement about working with Fielder and Safdie.

Family Tattoos and Personal Stories

In a surprising revelation, Stone shares her experience of getting a family tattoo with her mom, dad, and brother. The tattoo, inspired by Paul McCartney’s drawing of blackbird feet, holds sentimental value as a symbol of her mother’s triumph over breast cancer. Stone humorously details the challenges of her own tattoo, showcasing how even the most meaningful ink can take unexpected turns.

“The Whole Movie Is A Metaphor” – Emma Stone On “Poor Things”


Emma Stone’s interview on “The Late Show” provides a glimpse into the multifaceted world of “Poor Things,” showcasing the film’s metaphorical nature, Stone captivating portrayal of Bella, and the exciting collaborations that have earned the movie 11 Oscar nominations. As audiences eagerly anticipate the release of “Poor Things,” Emma Stone continues to shine as a versatile and accomplished actor, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

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