Three key lessons from the victory of LSU football over Wisconsin in the ReliaQuest Bowl

Three key lessons from the victory of LSU football over Wisconsin in the ReliaQuest Bowl

Three key lessons from the victory of LSU football over Wisconsin in the ReliaQuest Bowl

Despite the fact that his LSU football team defeated Wisconsin by a score of 35-31, Brian Kelly was able to do a great deal for the club.

In addition to gaining a great deal of insight into the future, he also made some progress in addressing the significant concerns that were hanging over him as the offseason approached.

There are some questions that have not been answered, and it is quite possible that they will not be answered for quite some time, but Monday served as an excellent beginning point for him and his staff moving forward.

The following are three considerations that could be carried over into the off-season as a result of the bowl victory over Wisconsin on Monday:

Garrett Nussmeier enhanced his position as a candidate for the starting quarterback position in the future.

Despite the fact that Nussmeier’s first career start was not perfect one hundred percent of the time, it was clearly sufficient for someone with so little experience.

The redshirt sophomore quarterback completed 31 of his 45 ball attempts, resulting in 395 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. He also had three touchdown passes.

As a result of A.J. Swann’s transfer from Vanderbilt to LSU for the upcoming season, there is a possibility that there will be a fight to determine who will start at quarterback.

However, Kelly and the Tigers were able to get a great deal of insight into the kind of club they would be if Nussmeier were to be in charge of the offensive. Not only did he throw the football with pinpoint accuracy, but he also produced several remarkable back shoulder passes.

Nussmeier has the advantage of knowing the offense for a longer period, knowing his receivers for a longer time, and being a member of the program for a longer time than Swann does. This should work in Nussmeier’s favor, despite the fact that Swann is a quarterback who is comparable to Nussmeier.

It would be a different kind of offense than the one that is centered around Jayden Daniels, because Daniels is able to run the ball more successfully than Nussmeier is. Nussmeier is more of a pocket passer, and it is in situations like this that the depth that LSU has in its running back room could prove to be useful.

There is a possibility that Nussmeier still has to demonstrate that he is consistent in his decision making. In previous games, Nussmeier would frequently throw the ball into tight coverages, which would result in interceptions coming from the opposing team. As an illustration, during the 2022 season, he ended up throwing two interceptions versus Southern as a consequence of bad decision-making.

It is clear that he has developed a great deal since then, and the victory in the bowl game on Monday was evidence of that. To be the starting quarterback for the following season, however, consistency will be a significant aspect.

It’s possible that younger players will be the key to defensive success in the upcoming season.

There are a lot of LSU supporters who wonder how far the team could have gone if it weren’t for the difficulties they had with their defense.

Additionally, Greg Penn III and Harold Perkins will be returning to the club for the upcoming season; but, in order to avoid a repeat of the difficulties that were experienced during this season, Kelly and his coaching staff may be need to look to younger players in order to not only determine what they are capable of providing, but also to build some longevity.

There is a strong argument that Whit Weeks has been one of the more reliable guys on defense for LSU. He recorded eight tackles in the ReliaQuest Bowl, and in the nine games he played in this season, he recorded eight or more tackles in four of the nine games. He also recorded eight tackles in the nine games he played in.

Not only that, but Da’Shawn Womack and Ryan Yaites have also flashed glimpses of their ability as true freshmen. The fact that they both had little playing time this season does not change the fact that if they were given more opportunity, it is possible that their output would be improved and more consistent.

However, in the same way that these three players were able to take advantage of opportunities as true freshmen, the incoming freshman class is also capable of doing the same thing.

Dominick McKinley, a five-star defensive tackle, changed his pledge from Texas A&M to LSU on Monday, right at the moment that the clock struck midnight on the east coast.

It has been reported by 247sports that McKinley is the most highly regarded football recruit in the state of Louisiana. Due to the fact that Maason Smith and Mekhi Wingo are both eligible to return, it is possible that McKinley will be required to wait behind them the majority of the time if they both do so.

McKinley, on the other hand, has the potential to make an impact as a true freshman if either one of them decides to declare for the NFL Draft.

The offensive scheme of LSU can be modified the next year.

In addition to leading the nation in rushing yards from a quarterback, Daniels was responsible for rescuing the LSU offense from a number of difficult situations with his legs.

It is abundantly clear that he will not be back for the following season, and both Nussmeier and Swann lack the mobility that Daniels possesses. Taking all of this into consideration, the depth that LSU have at the running back position could be beneficial to the offense.

In order to make the most of his additional COVID-19 year of eligibility, Josh Williams is able to return for the upcoming season, and Logan Diggs may perhaps return as well. Trey Holly will be a redshirt freshman, while Kaleb Jackson will be in his sophomore season. Trey Holly will represent the team. During the upcoming season, each of these four guys has the potential to get a significant number of snaps out of the backfield.

However, the Tigers are also bringing in Caden Durham, a running back who has received four stars, as a member of their true freshman class for the year 2024.

In the United States, Durham has the potential to be the quickest running back in the country. This previous season, he was the driving force behind his Duncanville team’s victory in the state championship game, during which he ran for more than 200 yards in just the first half.

To compensate for the absence of Daniels, the Tigers will have five strong alternatives for their run game, including Durham. He will be one of those choices. In the event that Kelly and his coaching staff accept this, the Tigers have the potential to become a run-heavy team, in contrast to the current season.

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