Trump attorney Sidney Powell pleads guilty in Georgia

Trump attorney Sidney Powell pleads guilty in Georgia election

Former Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis

Trump attorney Sidney Powell

We want to get to some breaking news this morning Donald Trump’s former attorney Sidney Powell just pleaded guilty in a deal with prosecutors over efforts to overturn Trump’s election loss in Georgia. What exactly is Powell pleading guilty to and what are the terms of the deal?

Savannah Sidney Powell is admitting to a set of reduced charges involving election conspiracy. She’s the second of these 19 defendants in Georgia to have pled guilty and she’s agreeing to testify truthfully, as part of her plea deal, which essentially means she’s going to testify against former President Donald Trump. As part of this deal,

Trump attorney Sidney Powell
Trump attorney Sidney Powell

she would be sentenced to six years probation, no jail time. So a good deal for her considering that she was facing significant felony racketeering charges as as these other defendants are in this Georgia election case.

Viewers will remember that she was a lawyer,

retained by Donald Trump, who made some of the most outlandish claims of fraud in the election, and filed lawsuits all over the country, all of which were totally repudiated. She’s under bar sanctions and legal actions around the country. And then finally was charged as part of this case, now pleading guilty to a significant blow to former President Donald Trump’s legal strategy. Because she was a key ally.

She was in the room with Donald Trump as they discussed claims of fraud in this election. And she brought some of the really outlandish claims about alleged voter machine manipulations and plots involving foreign countries, none of which were true. And if she gets on the stand and admits that none of that was true. That’s going to be powerful evidence in that Georgia case.

It’s not completely unexpected, but nonetheless, a devastating blow.

They had to figure that when the state of Georgia brought these significant racketeering charges against a group of 19 people some of them would decide it was in their best interest to plead guilty, take their lumps, and cut a deal. And that is, in fact, what’s happening.

Trump attorney Sidney Powell
Trump attorney Sidney Powell

This is again, the second person to plead guilty,

but this is a big one, they must be significantly worried about what she can testify to, they may make claims of attorney-client privilege to the extent that she was representing former President Trump, although that’s not entirely clear whether she was actually representing him, or whether she was merely bringing lawsuits alleging fraud on her own behalf or on behalf of others. That remains to be seen, but they gotta be significantly worried about what she could possibly testify to Savannah.

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