Bilbao Basket vs Real Madrid: Pursuing the 17th Consecutive Victory

Real Madrid aims to conquer the challenging Merebia Stadium, eyes fixed on extending their triumphant streak.

In the heart of La Liga's ninth round, the current leaders, Real Madrid, brace themselves for a demanding encounter at Merebia.

The team is resolute in maintaining its unbeaten record, boasting eight triumphs in La Liga

and an impressive 16 consecutive victories, the latest against Virtus Bologna in the Euroleague.

With a flawless record thus far, the Blancos are set to clash with the formidable Sorni Bilbao squad, eager to rekindle success on their home turf.

Currently, Real Madrid dominates the standings, securing a comfortable lead with two more wins than their nearest competitors, Barcelona and Valencia Basket.

Under the guidance of the esteemed Chus Mathieu, the team is poised to further solidify their position at the summit.