The OPECA child benefit sees a substantial increase from 42 to 840 euros.

Child Benefit Boost:

The Ministry of National Economy and Finance revealed a specialized aid plan for vulnerable households, announced by Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Around 800,000 beneficiaries will receive one and a half installments of child benefits in December, costing 125 million euros.

For example, a family with three children can expect a total amount ranging from 280 to 700 euros in December.

Child benefit amounts range from 70 or 42 or 28 euros for the first and second child, to 140 or 84 or 56 euros for each subsequent child, depending on income.

The supplementary support varies from 42 euros to 840 euros for families with five children.

Kostis Hatzidakis emphasizes the government's commitment to supporting vulnerable citizens, crediting economic overperformance for facilitating aid efforts.

The Minister urges caution against populist promises, highlighting the government's adherence to fiscal responsibility and serious policy implementation.