Chus Mateo: Zunder Palencia Exudes Remarkable Enthusiasm on the Field

Coach Chus Mateo shared his thoughts with the club's press department in anticipation of the upcoming match against Zunder Palencia.

The match is set to take place at the WiZink Center this Sunday at 12:30 pm CET.

Mateo expressed the significance of playing for their fans and ensuring they enjoy the game.

Zunder Palencia, recently promoted, enters the match with tremendous enthusiasm, supported by their passionate fanbase.

Mateo emphasized the need to respect their opponents and the dedication they invest in their daily work.

Adapting to the physical demands of intense games, like the recent one against Barcelona, is a crucial aspect.

As they prepare to face Palencia, Coach Mateo highlighted the shared enthusiasm of both teams, ready to exhibit their best performances.