Michel Ciment's Passing: Renowned film critic Michel Ciment, a luminary in the cinema world, passed away at the age of 85.

Pioneering Career: Ciment's career included pivotal roles as a film critic and publishing director for the magazine "Positive" in 1963, showcasing his early contributions to film critique.

Radio Maestro: In addition to his written works, Ciment left an indelible mark on radio, where he produced "Projection Privée" on France Culture and held a regular critic role on "Masque et la Plume" on France Inter since 1970.

International Connections: Ciment built close relationships with directors worldwide, producing monographs on prominent figures such as Kazan, Rosi, Kubrick, and John Boorman.

Literary Works: His literary works included a book on American cinema, "The Conquerors of a New World," and a memoir titled "Le Cinéma enshare," highlighting his deep connection to the film world.

Cultural Devotee: Ciment's passion for cinema seamlessly integrated with a broader cultural enthusiasm, making him a voracious reader and a lover of various art forms.

Educational Impact: As an honorary lecturer in American civilization, Ciment left a lasting impact on academia, contributing to the understanding and appreciation of American culture.

Legacy of Unity: Ciment's philosophy emphasized the unifying power of cinema, transcending borders and fostering a deeper connection among diverse audiences.