PlayStation Portal Review:

A comprehensive look at Sony's new handheld gaming device.

Streaming-Only Functionality:

The PlayStation Portal differentiates itself by allowing game streaming from the PS5 instead of local installations.

Affordability and Compatibility:

Priced at $200, it's one of the cheaper handhelds, but the need for a minimum $400 PS5 raises questions about its target audience.

Challenges of Streaming:

The device streams games only when the PS5 is online, acting as a server, posing limitations on media app usage.

Gaming Experience:

The Portal mirrors the PS5 interface, presenting the same content as the connected TV, limiting multitasking but offering a familiar controller feel.

Controller Design and Touchpad Compromises:

The Portal's controller mirrors the DualSense but has a touchscreen, creating an authentic gaming experience with a minor compromise in touchpad functionality.

Impressive Display and Battery Life:

The 8-inch LCD screen supports 1080p Full HD video at 60 fps, providing a visually appealing experience with an impressive eight hours of battery life.

Streaming Challenges and Connectivity:

Bandwidth requirements for smooth streaming might exceed Sony's recommendations, and the Portal supports Wi-Fi 5, raising concerns for consistent connectivity during gameplay.