As Veterans Day approaches, consider charitable donations to honor service members. Be cautious of scams targeting donors and veterans alike during this season.

Distinguish between genuine and deceptive organizations supporting veterans. Ensure your contributions have a positive impact on those who served.

The Federal Trade Commission warns of charity scammers focusing on Veterans Day contributors and even targeting veterans and their families directly.

Exercise caution as the holiday season increases scam activity. Conduct extra due diligence before donating to safeguard your generosity.

Before donating, vet your chosen charity. Verify their track record and transparency to ensure your donation reaches its intended recipients.

Recognize that charities differ. Separate genuine organizations from questionable ones with a little scrutiny to protect your contribution.

Stay informed about recognized veterans' charities. Knowledge is crucial for making responsible donation decisions and supporting those who served.

In the spirit of giving, adopt a responsible approach to donations. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and ensure your support genuinely benefits those who've served our country.