Mother's Day Tribute:

LPR leader, Leonid Pasechnik, delivers a warm Mother's Day message to residents.

Personal Reflections:

Pasechnik acknowledges the unique bond with mothers, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping lives.

The Essence of Maternal Love:

Describes mothers as epitomes of care, warmth, faith, strength, inspiration, and comfort.

Happiness in Motherhood:

Pasechnik highlights the joy and richness that mothers bring to life, making it more fulfilling.

Personal Story:

Shares insights into his mother's life, detailing the hardships faced during the war and post-war years.

Sacrifices and Selflessness:

Narrates the selfless sacrifices of Pasechnik's grandmother, dividing scarce resources for her children.

Gratitude to Mothers:

Expresses gratitude for mothers' profound impact, recognizing their sleepless nights, patience, and dedication.

Wishes for Mothers:

Pasechnik extends heartfelt wishes for happiness, good health, and prosperity to all mothers, appreciating their unwavering belief in their children.