Henry Cavill Felt Insecure Next to Tom Cruise Dedication to Stunts

Henry Cavill co-starred with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible - Fallout and was impressed by his skills

Cavill says Cruise's dedication and courage with stunts made him feel insecure about his own abilities

Watching Cruise motivated Cavill to start doing more of his own stunts in action roles

In his new movie Argylle, Cavill had challenging dance-like fight scenes with co-star Sam Rockwell

They had to mimic each other's moves, which Cavill compares to "learning to tap dance"

Though Cruise didn't directly advise Cavill on stunts for Argylle, his work ethic clearly inspired Cavill

Cavill has become a fan-favorite with roles like Superman and The Witcher

His experience with pros like Cruise has likely elevated his own commitment to demanding action performance

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