Melissa Barrera Removed from Scream VII,

Barrera, known for leading the recent Scream installments, has been dropped from Scream VII due to controversial social media posts during the Israel-Hamas War.

Spyglass Stance Against Hate Speech,

Spyglass, the company behind the Scream franchise, emphasizes a zero-tolerance policy for antisemitism and hate speech, explicitly denouncing false references to genocide or ethnic cleansing.

Barrera's Posts on Gaza,

Barrera's Instagram stories criticized the treatment of Gaza during the conflict, Barrera's strong voice like "genocide" and "ethnic cleans

Spyglass Response,

A spokesperson for Spyglass issues a statement condemning antisemitism and hate speech, making it clear that Barrera's posts crossed the line.

Impact on Scream VII Production,

Barrera's removal affects Scream VII's production plans, with Christopher Landon taking over directing duties from Radio Silence. Filming had not started, and Spyglass is expected to reassess plans.

Barrera's Contribution to the Scream Franchise,

Barrera played a crucial role in revitalizing the Scream franchise, starring in both the 2022 film and Scream VI, contributing to their global box office success.

Director Christopher Landon's Reaction,

Landon expresses disappointment, stating that the decision wasn't his to make. He shares a brief message on X, acknowledging the challenging situation.

Broader Industry Impact,

The news also includes mention of actor Susan Sarandon being dropped by talent agency UTA due to comments made at a pro-Palestinian rally, indicating a broader impact on the industry regarding statements made during the Israel-Hamas War.