The latest news from Capitol Hill is that Republicans have just chosen yet another nominee for Speaker of the House after several failed attempts

I want to bring in Manu Raju over on Capitol Hill Banu. The Fourth time's the charm of what's going on right now on the hill.

Actually real warning sign yet again for Republicans as they name their fourth nominee. In just three weeks,

Mike Johnson was named the nominee Republican from Louisiana and won the majority vote in his conference with 128 votes just moments ago, but there's a real warning for him

and concerns about his ability to get the tuner and 17 votes, he will need to be elected Speaker of the House

That's because there are 44 votes who voted for other candidates. 44 Republicans voted for other candidates.

43 of those voted for former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, causing enormous tension in the room next to me. Some members believe that McCarthy is intentionally undercutting Mike Johnson's ascent to the speakership and others, including Mark Greene,