Mutual Respect | Phil Parkinson on Wrexham and Notts County Rivalry

Wrexham's manager, Phil Parkinson, emphasizes the mutual respect between his team and League Two rivals, Notts County.

Both clubs engaged in an exhilarating race for the National League title last season, ultimately seeing Wrexham crowned as champions.

Notts County earned promotion through the play-offs and is currently positioned second in League Two, three points ahead of third-placed Wrexham.

Parkinson acknowledges the shared understanding both teams possess about each other after their intense competition last season.

A mutual respect has developed due to the competitive showdown they had in their journey. Last season, their matches were highly influential in elevating the National League's profile.

Parkinson reflects on one particularly memorable game against Notts County, a thrilling 3-2 encounter that showcased the National League's quality.

As Wrexham and Notts County prepare to face each other, the respect and history between the teams add to the anticipation of this exciting matchup.