Owner Tom gets a rare losing streak from a pair of wretched Detroit pistons.

A legendary losing run in the NBA currently exists for the Detroit Pistons. Owner Tom Gores has never been in a scenario like that before.

Following the Pistons' 25th consecutive loss to the Utah Jazz on Thursday night, 

The Brooklyn Nets have the potential to sweep the Pistons in their upcoming home-and-away series, thereby tying the record for the longest NBA losing streak in a season. 

The 2010–11 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2013–14 Philadelphia 76ers own the record for the longest losing streak in a single season, which stands at 26. 

The 76ers own the all-time record of 28 straight losses. 

who began the search in the season of 2014–15 and continued it into the subsequent year. 

With a current winning percentage of 0.714, the 2-26 Pistons are well-positioned to be considered the real deal when it comes to being the bad boys of basketball. 

The 2011–12 Charlotte Bobcats, who struggled to a 7–59 record in a season cut short by a lockout, are now the worst club in NBA history.

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