Cleveland Browns announce quarterback Deshaun Watson is ruled out for the season due to injuries sustained in the recent game against the Baltimore Ravens.

MRI scans revealed a high-ankle sprain in Watson's left ankle, and a displaced fracture to the glenoid in his right shoulder, highlighting the severity of the damages.

Watson underwent imaging on both injuries sustained during different plays in the first half of the game, painting a comprehensive picture of his physical condition.

After the match, Watson reported a new discomfort in his right shoulder, indicating that the full extent of his injuries became apparent after the adrenaline wore off.

Consultations with Browns' Head Physician and a renowned shoulder specialist led to the decision for immediate surgical repair to prevent further structural damage.

Watson is set to be placed on season-ending injured reserve, marking a premature conclusion to his contributions for the Browns in the current season.

Despite the setback, a positive note is struck as a full recovery for Watson is expected, aiming for his return at the beginning of the 2024 season.

The Browns face the challenge of navigating the rest of the season without Watson's quarterback prowess, reshaping their strategies for upcoming games.