Former Olympiakos vice-president Petros Kokkalis and actress Dimitra Matsouka are set to marry after many years together.

The announcement of their wedding in Athens was featured in the newspaper "FOS."

Petros Kokkalis, a well-known businessman and MEP of SYRIZA - PS, will tie the knot with the beloved actress.

The wedding announcement follows their long-standing relationship and was made in accordance with the Civil Code.

The couple will marry in Athens, as indicated in the official announcement.

Petros Kokkalis hails from Athens, born to Sokratis and Sophia of the Skoura family.

Dimitra Matsoukas, born to Dimitrios and Eleni nee Tzinziloni, is also from Athens.

The joyful news was first shared on the show "Happy Day" by Stamatina Tsimtsilis.