Grasshoppers (GC) face a setback as key players Pascal Schürpf, Joshua Laws, and Dirk Abels suffer torn muscle fibers.

Injury Blow:

Striker's Absence:

Pascal Schürpf, the striker, will be sidelined for three to four weeks, impacting GC's attacking lineup.

Defensive Woes:

Defenders Joshua Laws and Dirk Abels face extended recovery periods, affecting GC's defensive stability.

Uncertain Return:

The length of Joshua Laws' recovery remains uncertain, adding to the defensive uncertainties for Grasshoppers.

Tendon Injury:

Dirk Abels, dealing with a tendon injury, is expected to be out of action until the end of the year, posing a significant defensive challenge.

Departure News:

GC experiences a departure as Dutch defender Nigel Lonwijk, facing a torn muscle fiber, prematurely ends his loan agreement.

Loan Agreement Cut Short:

Nigel Lonwijk, on loan until the season's end, concludes his stint with Grasshoppers due to the injury setback.

Player Background:

21-year-old Nigel Lonwijk joined GC from Plymouth in the summer, making his departure a notable loss for the Zurich team.