Snoop Dogg surprises fans with an announcement to quit smoking, shared on social media.

The rapper's statement requests privacy after a family discussion led to the decision.

Some fans express confusion and skepticism, questioning the seriousness of Snoop's announcement.

T-Pain, in a disclaimer, clarifies that a recent music video featuring Snoop was filmed before the decision to quit smoking.

Snoop recently launched "Best Buds Bags" with Martha Stewart, featuring a limited edition crossbody bag with secret stash pockets.

The bag aligns with Snoop's favorite lighter, color, and offers hidden compartments for herbs.

Despite the announcement, fans recall Snoop's recent product release and express uncertainty about the decision's timing.

Snoop Dogg, known for his cannabis-related ventures, has businesses like Leafs by Snoop and collaborations in the cannabis industry.