Taylor Swift's attendance at 2024 Grammys confirmed, but she will likely not perform due to scheduling conflicts with her Eras Tour

Rumors circulated about a potential Swift performance, but were not officially confirmed by her team

She has 6 Grammy nominations, including Album and Record of the Year for Midnights and Anti-Hero

With upcoming Tokyo shows days after the Grammys, fitting in rehearsals and travel is logistically challenging

Insiders cited tight schedule in reporting scrapped performance plans, though fans still hope for surprises

Possibilities like pre-recorded segments or virtual appearances speculated, but no confirmation

Regardless of performing, Grammys deeply significant for Taylor with 12 prior wins and countless nominations

Being recognized by the Recording Academy further cements her status as an icon

As of Feb 2nd, she's only confirmed to attend, though true Swifties still say "never say never"

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