‘The Crown’ final season spins Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance with ‘fairy tale’ elements

The final season of The Crown has come to an end after six seasons of toeing the line between fact and fiction.

Much of the focus of the final six episodes, released Dec. 14 on Netflix, was on Prince William 

and his relationship with Kate Middleton, as the series wrapped up its retelling of the life and family of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The couple first met while studying at St. Andrews University in Scotland. 

In the couple’s 2010 engagement interview, Middleton admitted that due to her shyness, 

it took some time for the pair to get to know each other. As they spent more time together, they became "very close friends.

If The Crown is to be believed, it was Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton, who pushed her daughter toward the young prince.

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