The Largest Iceberg in the World a Mega Berg Three Times the Size of New York City

The largest Iceberg in the World, Known by the Unappealing Moniker A23a,

Keeps Moving Across the Ocean Close to Antarctica, and British Scientists Had a Close-Up View of It Last Week.

as the Rrs Sir David Attenborough Sets Out on his maiden Scientific Expedition to Antarctica,

Friday, They Went by the Berg Close to the Antarctic Peninsula's Tip.

Three Times the Size of New York City, the Iceberg

and Had Been Grounded for More Than Twice the Area of Greater London.

Before It Broke Free Last Week, It Spent More Than Thirty Years in the Weddell Sea.

Megaberg in Motion: After Remaining Motionless for Decades, a Massive Iceberg Is Now "Moving" Close to Antarctica.