Cairns: Tropical Wealth Cairns' reliance on tourism. Economic diversification efforts.

No (11)

Darwin: Northern Economic Hub Darwin's role in Northern Australia's economy. Challenges and opportunities.

No (10)

Hobart: Economic Resurgence Hobart's recent economic revitalization. Tourism and cultural developments.

No (9)

Newcastle: Industrial and Port City Industrial sectors driving wealth. Port activities and economic significance.

No (8)

Canberra: Political Wealth Canberra's unique economic structure. Government influence on the city's wealth.

No (7)

Gold Coast: Tourism and Real Estate The impact of tourism on the city's wealth. Real estate trends and luxury developments.

No (6)

Adelaide: Innovation and Education Hub Adelaide's focus on education and innovation. Economic strategies.

No (5)

Brisbane: Emerging Economic Powerhouse Brisbane's growth in recent years. Infrastructure development.

No (4)

Perth: The Resource-Rich City Mining and resources sector dominance. Economic growth and challenges.

No (3)

Melbourne: Cultural and Economic Capital Melbourne's diverse economy. Cultural attractions and their economic impact.

No (2)

Sydney: The Financial Hub Sydney's economic prominence. Key industries contributing to wealth. Real estate trends.

No (1)