The View Hosts Skeptical:

The hosts of The View express skepticism about the longevity of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship, highlighting perceived "red flags" in Kelce's recent interview.

Kelce's Comments Raise Concerns:

Sunny Hostin points out Kelce's statement, "Make sure I don’t say anything that would push Taylor away," as a potential red flag, suggesting he might be cautious in presenting a curated image.

Desire for Authenticity:

Hostin emphasizes the importance of authenticity in relationships, expressing concern that Kelce's approach might not reflect real-life dynamics.

Joy Behar's Doubts:

Joy Behar, previously critical of Kelce, acknowledges his confidence in dating Swift but doubts the relationship's long-term prospects, referencing past celebrity couples that didn't endure.

Alyssa Farah Griffin's Perspective:

Griffin appreciates Kelce's proactive pursuit of Swift, noting a positive intentionality that contrasts with casual dating trends among millennials.

Questioning kelce's Passion:

Hostin questions Kelce's passionate pursuit of Swift, referencing his attractive ex-girlfriend and prompting a discussion about fame and dating dynamics.

Family Meetings as Commitment:

Griffin sees the meeting of Kelce and Swift's families as a sign of commitment, highlighting this as a positive aspect of their relationship.

Kelce's Unconventional Appeal:

Griffin notes Kelce's unique personality compared to Swift's past partners, emphasizing his distinctiveness in their relationship.