Matt Petgrave, a 31-year-old hockey player for the Sheffield Steelers, is implicated in the death of Adam Johnson, a 29-year-old player from Minnesota.

The fatal incident occurred during a game last month when Petgrave's skate blade accidentally cut Johnson's neck.

Officials in the U.K. have announced an arrest in connection with Adam Johnson's death, though the suspect's identity remains unconfirmed.

Petgrave, a member of the Sheffield Steelers for two seasons, received applause during the team's first home game since Johnson's death, as seen in social media videos.

The footage circulating on social media showcases the audience rising in a standing ovation for Petgrave, who did not participate in the match.

Westin Michaud, Johnson's teammate, defended Petgrave on social media, denouncing the unwarranted hate and asserting that Petgrave's actions were unintentional.

Originally from Toronto, Petgrave, undrafted, joined the Ontario Hockey League in 2009 and has played in various leagues, including USports and the American Hockey League.

Petgrave's hockey career includes time in leagues such as the East Coast Hockey League in New Jersey and USports.