Youth Word of the Year 2023 Finalists: Prof. Anna Wileczek announces the top twenty words in the annual plebiscite.

Popular Expressions for Confirmation: Words like "bambik," "delulu," and "zgerypała" gain popularity, signifying truth, compliance, and approval.

Pejorative Term "Bambik": Defined as a rookie, loser, or weakling, often used humorously or ironically.

Expression of Approval "Base": Recognizing someone's opinion, especially if expressed with courage or controversy.

"Bruh" and "Bratku" Among Finalists: Slang for buddy or friend, originating from "brother" and expressing frustration or dissatisfaction. "Cringe" as a Descriptive Term: Used to describe something embarrassing or causing shame and disgust.

"Delulu" from English "Delusional": Describing a person obsessed with their idol, living in a world of delusions.

"Drill Player" in Music and Lifestyle: Beyond the musical context, it denotes a style with pathologies, gangster references, and expensive clothing.

Acronyms "fr/FR" and "IMO" Represent Agreement: Derived from English phrases, they express agreement and approval in a concise form.

"Git" as an Ambiguous Slang: Commonly meaning "good" or "cool," with various versions like "gites," "gitesik," and more. "Kys" Abbreviation and Its Usage: Translated from "kill yourself," it's a non-literal term often used to end discussions or suggest withdrawal.