Big Brother 2023 concludes with a surprising winner after six intense weeks of challenges and drama.

The season featured 16 diverse contestants vying for the coveted £100,000 cash prize, leading to rule breaks, romances, arguments, and unexpected twists.

Co-hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best built anticipation before revealing the final two contestants left in the Big Brother house.

Jordan emerges as the triumphant winner of Big Brother 2023, securing not only the championship but also the £100,000 cash reward.

Olivia claims the runner-up position after spending six weeks navigating the challenges within the house.

Henry, Yinrun, and Noky secure third, fourth, and fifth places, respectively.

Applications for Big Brother 2024 are now open, with the promise of more excitement and surprises.

Additionally, a Celebrity Big Brother series is set to air on ITV1 in 2024, keeping the Big Brother excitement alive.