Memphis' freshman guard, Mikey Williams, has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of making criminal threats in a California court.

The charges stemmed from a March 27 incident at Williams' San Diego home, where shots were fired at a vehicle outside.

Williams, arrested in April, has been away from the Memphis team during the legal process, facing nine felony counts initially.

The guilty plea allows Williams to potentially reduce the charge to a misdemeanor based on certain conditions.

Conditions include not breaking any laws, completing a gun safety course, and finishing 80 hours of community service.

Williams' sentencing is currently scheduled for August 2024.

Memphis had announced pre-season restrictions, barring Williams from playing or participating in team activities while the criminal case unfolded.

In a video, Williams expressed relief, thanked God, and conveyed his excitement to get back to the court, emphasizing his acceptance of responsibility for the situation.