With a pixie cut, Eve Gilles, 20, of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, was crowned Miss France.

Androgynous' appearance sparked backlash on social media, which was dubbed woke ideology.

Despite coming in third in the public vote, Gilles won the title with the help of the jury.

The traditional long-hair beauty rule was broken on December 16th, at the crowning event.

Gilles received thousands of hateful comments on Instagram.

Critics claim that the decision is an attempt to coerce women who have masculine appearances.

Gilles acknowledges her hair and declares his intention to reinterpret conventional notions of beauty.

The winner argues that beauty isn't just about shapes or haircuts and supports the diversity of women.

Gilles wants to defy social norms and demonstrate that women are capable of diversity.

Positive remarks pour in, pleading with people to put aside their judgment and allow her to celebrate her win.

Miss France Eve Gilles, with her 7.5 million TV viewers, becomes a symbol of changing standards of beauty.

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