List of Miss France Titleholders (1920-2024)

List of Miss France Titleholders (1920-2024)


Titleholders of Miss France: A Century of Beauty and Grace

List of Miss France Titleholders (1920-2024) The Miss France competition, an epitome of beauty and grace, has evolved over the decades, leaving an indelible mark on French culture. From its inception as “La plus belle femme de France” in 1920 to the recent crowning of Eve Gilles in 2024, each year has witnessed a new face epitomizing elegance. Let’s take a stroll through history, exploring the diverse and captivating list of Miss France titleholders.

Ève Gilles Miss France Win (2024)

Ève Gilles Miss France
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List of Miss France

YearMiss FranceHometownRegionAgeNotes
1920Agnès SouretEspeletteAquitaine17First titleholder
1921Pauline PôAjaccioCorsica16
1927Roberte CuseyParisFranche-Comté20
1928Raymonde AllainParisBrittany15
1929Madeleine MourguesLotLanguedoc-Roussillon17
1930Yvette LabrousseOullinsRhône-Alpes24
1931Jeanne JuilliaVilleneuve-sur-LotAquitaine20
1932Lyne Quesson de SouzaMouans-SartouxNice Côte d’Azur18
1933Jacqueline BertinParisÎle-de-France16
1934Simone BarillierParisÎle-de-France17
1935Elisabeth PitzSaarbrückenSaar Protectorate Saar24Resigned amidst controversy; replaced by Gisèle Préville
1935Gisèle PrévilleParisÎle-de-France16Replaced Elisabeth Pitz
1936Lynne LassalParisPicardy18
1937Jacqueline JanetParisBrittany17
1938Annie GarriguesPerpignanLanguedoc-Roussillon18
1939Ginette CatriensParisÎle-de-France24
1940Joséphine LadwigBischwillerAlsace16
1947Yvonne ViseuxCamonNice Côte d’Azur20
1948Jacqueline DonnyParisÎle-de-France20
1949Juliette FiguerasParisÎle-de-France20
1950Maryse DelortParisÎle-de-France19
1951Nicole DrouinParisNice Côte d’Azur20
1952Josiane PouyNéracAquitaine18
1953Sylviane CarpentierAilly-sur-SommePicardy19
1954Irène TuncNiceNice Côte d’Azur19
1955Véronique ZuberParisÎle-de-France19
1956Gisèle CharbitCasablancaMorocco18
1957Sylvie-Rosine NumezSaint-ÉtienneRhône-Alpes
1958Monique NeglerNormandy
1959Monique ChironPoitou-Charentes17
1960Brigitte Barazer de LannurienBrittany16
1961Michèle WargnierParisBrittany17
1962Monique LemaireBrittany18Second runner-up at Miss World 1962; top fifteen at Miss Universe 1963
1963Muguette FabrisAngoulêmeÎle-de-France22Sixth runner-up at Miss World 1963
1964Arlette CollotClomotBurgundy21Dethroned in August 1964; replaced by Jacqueline Gayraud
1964Jacqueline GayraudPays de la LoireTop sixteen at Miss World 1964
1965Christiane SibellinLyonRhône-Alpes16Top sixteen at Miss World 1965
1966Michèle BouléCannesNice Côte d’Azur17Top fifteen at Miss World 1966
1967Jeanne BeckSaint-Pierre-du-MontNormandy19
1968Christiane LillioTerrenoireRhône-Alpes16
1969Suzanne AnglyMulhouseAlsace17Top fifteen at Miss World 1969; top fifteen at Miss International 1972
1970Michelle BeaurainParisÎle-de-France19
1971Myriam StoccoBeaucaireLanguedoc-Roussillon21Top twelve at Miss Universe 1971; sixth runner-up at Miss World 1971
1972Chantal Bouvier de la MotteParisÎle-de-France17Resigned title due to injuries; replaced by Claudine Cassereau
1972Claudine CassereauLoudunPoitou-Charentes19
1973Isabelle Nadia KrumackerTroisfontainesLorraine19Top fifteen at Miss International 1975
1974Edna TepavaPapeeteFrench Polynesia Tahiti17
1975Sophie PerinTalangeLorraine18Miss International 1976
1976Monique UldaricSaint-PierreRéunion21
1977Véronique FagotOironPoitou-Charentes17Top fifteen at Miss World 1977
1978Pascale TauruaNouméaNew Caledonia16Resigned title; replaced by Brigitte Konjovic
1978Brigitte KonjovicParisÎle-de-France17
1979Sylvie Hélène Marie PareraMarseilleProvence18Top ten at Miss International 1980
1980Thilda FullerPapeeteFrench Polynesia Tahiti24Resigned title; replaced by Patricia Barzyk
1980Patricia BarzykArbouansFranche-Comté16Second runner-up at Miss World 1980
1981Isabelle Sophie BenardVernonNormandy18
1982Sabrina BellevalNiceNice Côte d’Azur16
1983Isabelle TurpaultParisÎle-de-France22Dethroned; replaced by Frédérique Marcelle Leroy
1983Frédérique Marcelle LeroyBordeauxAquitaine20
1984Martine RobineDeauvilleNormandy19
1985Suzanne IskandarLingolsheimAlsace21First Arab-French winner; first winner with dual nationality (French-Lebanese)
1986Valérie PascaleParisÎle-de-France17
1987Nathalie MarquayWittenheimAlsace19Top twelve at Miss World 1987; top ten at Miss International 1988
1988Sylvie BertinFerney-VoltaireRhône-Alpes21
1989Stephanie (Peggy) ZlotkowskiMonflanquinAquitaine16
1990Gaëlle VoiryBordeauxAquitaine21
1991Mareva GeorgesPunaauiaFrench Polynesia Tahiti21Top ten at Miss Universe 1991; top ten at Miss World 1991
1992Linda HardyNantesPays de la Loire18
1993Véronique de la CruzSaint-FrançoisGuadeloupe18Top ten at Miss World 1993; first black titleholder
1994Valérie ClaissePornicPays de la Loire21
1995Mélody VilbertBordeauxAquitaine18Top ten at Miss International 1995
1996Laure BellevilleLathuileRhône-Alpes19
1997Patricia SpeharLésignyÎle-de-France21Top ten at Miss International 1998
1998Sophie ThalmannBar-le-DucLorraine21
1999Mareva GalanterPapeeteFrench Polynesia Tahiti19
2000Sonia RollandClunyBurgundy18Top ten at Miss Universe 2000
2001Élodie GossuinTrosly-BreuilPicardy19Miss Europe 2001; top ten at Miss Universe 2001
2002Sylvie TellierLyonRhône-Alpes23National director of the Miss France Committee (2007–2022)
2003Corinne ComanSainte-AnneGuadeloupe20
2004Lætitia BlégerSaint-HippolyteAlsace23Playboy photoshoot controversy; title temporarily stripped
2005Cindy FabreFalaiseNormandy18National director of the Miss France Committee (2022–present)
2006Alexandra RosenfeldSaint-ThibéryLanguedoc-Roussillon19Miss Europe 2006
2007Rachel Legrain-TrapaniSaint-QuentinPicardy18
2008Valérie BègueSaint-LeuRéunion23Suggestive photos controversy; compromise reached
2009Chloé MortaudBénacMidi-Pyrénées19Top ten at Miss Universe 2009; top seven at Miss World 2009
2010Malika MénardHerouville-Saint-ClairNormandy22Top fifteen at Miss Universe 2010
2011Laury ThillemanBrestBrittany19Top ten at Miss Universe 2011
2012Delphine WespiserMagstatt-le-BasAlsace19
2013Marine LorphelinCharnay-lès-MâconBurgundy19First runner-up at Miss World 2013
2014Flora CoquerelMorancezCentre-Val de Loire19Top 5 at Miss Universe 2015
2015Camille CerfCoulogneNord-Pas-de-Calais19Top 15 at Miss Universe 2014
2016Iris MittenaereSteenvoordeNord-Pas-de-Calais22Miss Universe 2016
2017Alicia AyliesMatouryFrench Guiana18
2018Maëva CouckeFerquesNord-Pas-de-Calais23Top 12 at Miss World 2018; top 10 at Miss Universe 2019
2019Vaimalama ChavesMahinaFrench Polynesia Tahiti24
2020Clémence BotinoLe GosierGuadeloupe22Top 10 at Miss Universe 2021; TBA at Miss World 2023
2021Amandine PetitBourguébusNormandy23Top 21 at Miss Universe 2020
2022Diane LeyreParisÎle-de-France24
2023Indira AmpiotBasse-TerreGuadeloupe18TBA at Miss Universe 2024
2024Eve GillesQuaëdypreNord-Pas-de-Calais20
List of Miss France Titleholders (1920-2024)

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Ève Gilles Miss France Winners (2024)
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