Angelina Jolie Alleges ‘Distressing and Coercive’ Treatment from Brad Pitt in Winery Case

Angelina Jolie Alleges ‘Distressing and Coercive’ Treatment from Brad Pitt in Winery Case

Angelina Jolie Alleges ‘Distressing and Coercive’ Treatment from Brad Pitt in Winery Case

Angelina Jolie

In a recent legal development, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has come forward with serious allegations against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, about their joint business venture involving the Miraval winery. The case has captured public attention, and Jolie’s legal representatives have raised concerns about the treatment she received during the negotiations. Let’s delve into the details of this high-profile dispute.

Unfair Treatment and Coercion

Jolie’s legal team contends that she faced unfair and coercive treatment from Brad Pitt and his representatives throughout the proceedings. The situation escalated to the point where Jolie decided to step back from actively participating in negotiations. Her lawyer penned a letter to Brad’s team, expressing her dissatisfaction and outlining the reasons behind her decision.

The Letter

The crucial letter, dated June 13, 2021, sheds light on Jolie’s perspective.

  1. Stepping Back: Jolie informed Brad’s representatives that she would be stepping back from all aspects of negotiations regarding the sale. This decision came after careful consideration of the dynamics at play.
  2. Lack of Fairness: The letter emphasizes that negotiations were not progressing fairly. Jolie expected a level playing field, but it became evident that she was not being treated as an equal partner.
  3. Business Transaction: Initially, Jolie had requested to sell her share in the Miraval winery in good faith. She anticipated that discussions would focus solely on the business transaction. However, the reality turned out differently.
  4. Brad’s Requests: Jolie’s lawyer pointed out that Brad Pitt made several restrictive and improper requests during the negotiations. These requests extended beyond the scope of the business deal and caused distress to Jolie.

The Tomb Raider Star’s Perspective

According to Jolie, there were numerous attempts to take advantage of the situation. She felt that Brad’s actions were not only vague but also constitutionally questionable. The coercive nature of these requests left her feeling abused and cornered.


As the legal battle unfolds, the public awaits further developments. Angelina Jolie’s allegations highlight the complexities of business negotiations, even for high-profile individuals. The Miraval winery case serves as a reminder that fairness, transparency, and respect are essential in any partnership, whether personal or professional.

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