The true reason Elizabeth Hurley skipped the third "Austin Powers" film is revealed.

The true reason Elizabeth Hurley skipped the third “Austin Powers” film is revealed.

Elizabeth Hurley

The true reason Elizabeth Hurley skipped

The real reason Elizabeth Hurley didn’t appear in Austin Powers in Goldmember, the third Austin Powers movie, was disclosed.

Hurley was not included in the third film in the series, despite being well-known for playing Vanessa Kensington in the first two films.

Hurley disclosed that she was expecting her son Damian when she was approached for the movie during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

She clarified, saying, “Guys, I’m pregnant. I told them when I was offered it. Aside from my family, they were the first people to know. “So, unless you shoot it next week, I don’t think I can shoot it,” I remarked, pregnant with my son.

Hurley, who put on 63 pounds while pregnant, joked that at that point in the movie, her role would have mirrored a plot in which Dr. Evil had impregnated her.

“So it wasn’t my fault, It would be like Dr. Evil had impregnated me once I was away, so it couldn’t work!” She made a joke.

Despite her absence in Austin Powers in Goldmember, where Beyoncé took on the role of Foxxy Cleopatra, Hurley remains fond of the franchise and her co-star, Mike Myers.

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