Pilar Alegría, the 46-year-old from Aragon, is appointed as the new Minister of Sports, taking over from Miquel Iceta.

Alegría continues to hold the Education and Vocational Training portfolio, expanding her responsibilities in the government.

The Ministry of Sports is separated from the Ministry of Culture, forming a new ministry combination of Education, Vocational Training, and Sports.

Alegría, the first Aragonese woman in the Council of Ministers since July 2021, strengthens her position by also becoming the spokesperson for the Government.

She replaces Isabel Rodríguez as the spokesperson and takes on a significant role within the new coalition government led by Pedro Sánchez.

Alegría's dual roles, combining education and sports, highlight a comprehensive approach to youth development and well-rounded government representation.

As a seasoned politician and former national spokesperson for the PSOE, Alegría brings valuable experience to her new role.

The appointment signifies a strategic move in the government's structure, emphasizing education, vocational training, and sports as integral components of national development.