Shannen Doherty claims that Alyssa Milano was the reason she was fired from Charmed.

Speaking with her former co-star Holly Marie Combs, Doherty disclosed the true reason for her "Charmed" exit in a recent edition of her podcast "Let's Be Clear.

Shannen Doherty sits down to discuss the most recent Let's Be Clear podcast episode. 

her former costar Holly Marie Combs from Charmed disclosed that she didn't quit the show of her own free will, 

but instead asserts that she was let go when Alyssa Milano threatened to sue the production if the actor wasn't removed from the show.

Doherty claimed, "The narrative that I 'quit' was assigned to me by others." "I didn't put the blame on myself. 

I believe I've reached a stage in my life where I no longer want to continue lying about it. 

and I don't want to continue lying about something I loved doing and that meant the world to me. 

I cherished going to work there. I had a great time working with my coworkers.

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