Emma Stone Dreams of Being a "Real" Jeopardy Contestant

Emma Stone Dreams of Being a “Real” Jeopardy Contestant

Emma Stone Dreams of Being a "Real" Jeopardy Contestant, image by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Emma Stone recently sat down with Stephen Colbert to discuss her Oscar-nominated performance in “Poor Things” and her dream of competing on the popular game show “Jeopardy”. The incredibly talented actress opened up about wanting to prove her intelligence and earn a spot on the show through passing the online qualification test, rather than relying on her celebrity status to land a spot on the perennial Celebrity Jeopardy specials.

As Emma Stone explained, “I want to know I passed the test. It might be because I didn’t really graduate from my school and I didn’t go to college, and I like knowing I passed the test.” For the La La Land star, competing on the show would be like earning a degree she never attained in real life.

Colbert, never one to pass up an opportunity to quiz a guest, put Emma Stone Jeopardy skills to the test with several trivia questions themed around his own theater, the Ed Sullivan Theater. Emma Stone rose to the occasion, correctly answering questions about JRR Tolkien, Ed Sullivan himself, The Beatles’ seminal 1964 appearance on Sullivan’s show, and more. She even showed her clever wit when Colbert asked about a “cute Italian mouse” often featured on Sullivan’s show, to which Emma Stone jokingly responded “Pinot Grigio” before getting the right answer of Topo Gigio.

Emma Stone Does Not Want To Play “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

Emma Stone’s Correct Jeopardy Answers:

  • JRR Tolkien
  • Ed Sullivan
  • The Beatles
  • Elvis Presley
  • Topo Gigio

Though Emma Stone stumbled on a trick question about her current film, she otherwise demonstrated remarkable knowledge across literature, music, and television history – precisely the skills needed to excel on Jeopardy. As she told Colbert:

“Now you’re going to understand why I haven’t gotten on the show.”

For the La La Land star, competing on Jeopardy would be like earning a degree she never attained in real life.

Despite Emma Stone self-deprecating concern, her witty and intelligent performance during the mock game showed she clearly has what it takes to hold her own against trivia buffs and brainiacs on the real show. Like many hopefuls across America, the actress anxiously awaits a coveted email inviting her to finally fulfill her dream of competing on Jeopardy – not as a celebrity, but as a deserving, studied player eager to test the depth of her knowledge.

With the quick-thinking skills and composed competitive nature she displayed on The Late Show, there is no doubt Emma Stone has the makings of a Jeopardy champion in the works – degree or no degree. One can’t help but root for the endearing, grinning redhead as she sets her sights on one of televisions greatest intellectual crucibles – no celebrity treatment required.

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