Kanye West's Music Fuels Chatter Around Inter Milan Football

Kanye West’s Music Fuels Chatter Around Inter Milan Football

Kanye West's Music Fuels Chatter Around Inter Milan Football

The rapper’s presence in Italy and the album’s Inter fan links draw attention amid the Champions League match

As Italian football powerhouse Inter Milan prepared to face Spain’s Atletico Madrid in a crucial Champions League match on Tuesday, hip-hop star Kanye West unexpectedly found himself part of the pre-game chatter. Kanye West’s upcoming visit to Italy this weekend and surprising connections between his newest album and Inter’s hardcore fan base provided fodder for sports media discussions and social media banter ahead of the contest between two of Europe’s top clubs.

Kanye Taking Talents to Bologna

Kanye West is set to perform this Saturday in the northern Italian city of Bologna as part of a major outdoor gala event. The short-notice booking has already sparked conversation around the polarizing American musician landing in Italy just days after Inter Milan hosts Atletico Madrid for a pivotal UEFA Champions League Round of 16 showdown. Italian sports outlets have noted the coincidence, speculating whether any Inter players or team figures might make the trip to see West’s show.

Besides timing, Kanye’s latest studio album “Donda 2” boasts direct links to Inter Milan’s most diehard supporters. According to reports, West’s collaboration with singer Ty Dolla Sign incorporates chanting from Inter’s “Curva Nord” – the northern end of the San Siro stadium occupied by the club’s ultras fan section. The tribal chants recorded by Curva Nord members can be heard on the “Donda 2” tracks “Stars” and “Carnival”. This has stirred interest from both hip hop heads and calcio fans curious about the context behind West sampling the Inter supporters’ signature stadium refrains.

Final Thoughts

Between Kanye West’s impending visit to the Italian peninsula and the inclusion of Inter’s most passionate fans on songs from his newest album, the global superstar has inadvertently embedded himself as a topic within Italian football conversations this week. The creative musical links certainly provide an additional talking point as Inter Milan gears up for a spotlight European night on the pitch versus Spanish power Atletico. And if any Nerazzurri squad members make the short trek to Bologna this weekend for West’s show, it may produce even more chatter at the intersection of the hip-hop and Serie A worlds.

Kanye West’s Music Fuels Chatter Around Inter Milan Football

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