Lewiston Maine news | At least 20 people dead shootings Lewiston | Lewiston Maine active shooter

Lewiston Maine

At least 20 people dead after shootings in Lewiston Maine

breaking news out of Lewiston, Maine where at least 20 people are believed to be dead after shootings at multiple locations, and there is a massive manhunt for a suspect who is still at large. Now the number of victims is expected to rise

sources told CNN another 50 to 60 people were hurt, though it’s unclear how many of those injured were shot. Lewiston is in southern Maine. It’s south of the capital of Augusta and about 36 miles north of Portland. Right now authorities are looking for this man he is still on the run. The local sheriff’s office released these pictures of the suspect and you can see he’s holding what looks like an assault-style rifle.

Lewiston Maine news
Lewiston Maine news

I’ve already said there were shootings in at least two locations.

There was also a shooting at a bar. The local sheriff’s office ordered everyone who lives in Lewiston to shelter in place. People who live in this area are devastated. This is an overwhelming situation.

People are now gathering outside of hospitals in the area waiting for Word on the status of their loved ones. Now again, here’s what we know at this hour at least 20 people were killed in shootings in Lewiston, Maine tonight. There are at least two locations that were involved and a gunman is still on the loose at this hour. Now this is a

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