Lily Gladstone Spreads Love After Oscar Nomination, Makes History Regardless

Lily Gladstone Spreads Love After Oscar Nomination, Makes History Regardless

Lily Gladstone Spreads Love After Oscar Nomination, Makes History Regardless, image by Hollywood repot

Lily Gladstone’s

Lily Gladstone’s infectious positivity continues to shine brightly even after the 2024 Oscars. Though tipped by many to win Best Actress for her captivating performance in Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon,” the award ultimately went to Emma Stone for her role in “Poor Things.”

Despite not taking home the golden statue, Gladstone’s heart overflowed with gratitude. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), she expressed her appreciation, particularly for the immense support from Native American communities. “Feeling the love big time today, especially from Indian Country,” she wrote, concluding with a heartfelt, “Kittō”kuniikaakomimmō” power – seriously, I love you all.” (“Kittō”kuniikaakomimmō”po’waw” is a Blackfeet phrase expressing deep appreciation.)

Gladstone’s nomination itself held historical significance. Had she won, she would have been the first Native American performer to ever claim the Best Actress Oscar. But Gladstone, ever the optimist, recognized the groundbreaking nature of the moment in a different way.

The film’s powerful performance of “Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People),” nominated for Best Original Song, featured several Osage artists. Witnessing this on stage, Gladstone couldn’t help but feel the weight of history. “When watching the Osage Singers at the Oscars, my inner voice said, ‘They’re the ones bringing us all up on stage tonight, that’s how it should be,'” she shared. “The history in the film and of the moment rightfully belong to the Osage Nation. What an honor to be close enough to feel the drum.”

While awards season saw friendly competition between nominees, genuine camaraderie blossomed as well. Emma Stone, in her Best Actress acceptance speech, acknowledged her fellow nominees, including Gladstone. Their friendship deepened throughout the season, as evidenced by the “Infinity Stones” rings they gifted each other. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Gladstone revealed, “My Infinity Stones ring — Emma Stone has the same one. We call each other Infinity Stones.”

The category placement for Gladstone’s performance in “Killers of the Flower Moon” sparked debate throughout awards season. Variety’s senior awards editor, Clayton Davis, even suggested in his Oscars analysis that “Lily Gladstone has campaigned in the wrong category.” Whether she would have secured the win as a supporting actress nominee remains a topic of discussion.

One thing remains certain: Lily Gladstone’s talent and grace have left an undeniable mark. Her historic nomination and unwavering support for her Indigenous community solidify her place as a true inspiration.

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