Madame Web - Superhero Relic Caught in a Tangled Web

Madame Web – Superhero Relic Caught in a Tangled Web

Madame Web - Superhero Relic Caught in a Tangled Web, image credit imdb

Madame Web – Superhero Relic Caught in a Tangled Web

Sony’s latest attempt to expand its Spider-Man cinematic universe has arrived in the form of Madame Web. Directed by S.J. Clarkson and starring Dakota Johnson, the film aims to tell the origin story of the mysterious clairvoyant Madame Web. However, the final product feels like a relic of the peak superhero movie era rather than a compelling new entry.

Madame Web

One of the most puzzling aspects of Madame Web is its loose connection to Spider-Man lore. The film is set in 2003 and features Ben Parker (Adam Scott), who comic fans know will later become Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s beloved uncle. Yet despite teasing this Spidey connection, the movie never directly references Peter Parker or firmly ties itself to previous Spider-Man films. This results in an awkward middle ground where Madame Web wants to hint at a larger universe but is too hesitant to fully commit.

Madame Web
Madame Web – Superhero Relic Caught in a Tangled Web, image credit imdb

Similarly, Dakota Johnson delivers an overly subdued performance as the titular character. Her withdrawn acting style fails to provide the dynamism and command of the supernatural that this kind of superhero origin story requires. Supporting players like Tahar Rahim and Sidney Sweeney are also given little to work with in terms of interesting characters.

There are small glimmers of intrigue when the film temporarily morphs into an offbeat chase thriller, enhanced by S.J. Clarkson’s stylish visuals. Johnson also brings some dry wit and personality that has become rare in Marvel’s quip-heavy movies. But these promising elements are dropped as soon as the plot switches to a generic CG-heavy climax full of exposition instead of action thrills.

Ultimately, Madame Web encapsulates much of what has plagued recent superhero efforts. It demonstrates the increasing strain of trying to expand cinematic universes well past their natural endpoint. The film has echoes of inventiveness but is too trapped by franchise mandates to fully develop them. One can only imagine what kind of unique movie Madame Web could have been with a clearer creative vision not tied down to larger corporate interests. For now, we are left with another disappointing attempt to try and sustain an aging superhero formula.

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