Meghan Markle Esteem at Risk of Fading Away?

Meghan Markle Esteem at Risk of Fading Away?

Meghan Markle Esteem at Risk of Fading Away?

Experts Warn Sussexes’ Brand Could Be “Ground into Mist”

Meghan Markle’s esteem as a royal and public figure is at serious risk according to some experts. Her ambitious rebranding efforts with Prince Harry may be backfiring, threatening to grind their hard-earned esteem into mere mist.

The Harsh Media Spotlight on the Sussexes

Since the couple’s dramatic exit from frontline royal duties in 2020, the British mainstream press has been overwhelmingly critical of Meghan Markle. Aside from a few contrarians, UK outlets have uniformly condemned the Duchess, fueled by the Sussexes‘ own attacks on the Royal Family.

Author Michael Cole highlights how radio call-ins, and TV channels like GBNews and TalkTV, have united in censuring Harry and Meghan Markle. This intense media disdain for the wealthy, privileged couple seems disproportionate, even considering their “beautiful children” and “rescue chickens.”

Losing the Royal Magic?

The situation has escalated to the point where Prince Harry fears for his family’s safety in the UK without armed police protection. With each “snipe, barb, jibe and disobliging reference” made against the royals, Cole argues the Sussexes’ guaranteed esteem as HRHs “disappears like Scotch mist.”

Their esteem and credibility as prominent public figures hinge on maintaining a respectable reputation and moral authority. Meghan Markle’s sustained rebranding attempts amid such harsh scrutiny risk corroding this crucial esteem further.

The Way Forward for Brand Sussex

As the Sussexes forge ahead with new media ventures like Harry’s memoir Spare and their Netflix docuseries, they face an uphill battle to rebuild their esteem. A more conciliatory approach towards the monarchy could help diffuse tensions. But any perceived hypocrisy or contradictions in their lucrative new roles may continue fueling negative perceptions.

Ultimately, Meghan Markle and Harry must strike a delicate balance between retaining authenticity and not alienating the very audiences they are trying to court. Only time will tell if their esteem can be salvaged or if it will dissipate entirely like a fading mist.

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