Pak vs Aus - Babar Azam cried after the loss to Australia

Pak vs Aus – Babar Azam cried after the loss to Australia

Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli

Australia vs Pakistan – pak vs aus

Pak vs Aus

Another breathtaking high-scoring match of the World Cup 2023 was played today between the team of Australia and Pakistan at the Swami Stadium in Bengaluru. This time the battle was between the team of Australia and Pakistan, The Australian team Somewhere down in the points table, was searching for victory, whereas the Pakistan team was badly injured after losing to India. Well, let us tell you that the match started and these two teams were in front.

In this match, Australia gave a tough fight to Pakistan,

although Pakistani captain Babar Azam’s decision was to bowl first, the field is small and on top of that, Australia’s team’s tremendous opening pair batsman David Warner gave away 163 runs, and Mission March played an innings of 121 runs. Now you can guess from this that when not just one but 2 centuries are scored in an ODI match, the score definitely reaches 300, however, later Shaheen Afridi also bowled brilliantly.

Pak vs Aus
Pak vs Aus Pak vs Aus

But still, both of these players had so much iron in their batting that they single-handedly took the Australian team to 367. Overtaken in 50, Pakistan needed 368 runs to win. This is the biggest target to date in the history of World Cups.

Had become one of the best in this ground and there is no doubt that if Pakistan had changed it, then indeed their name would have been written in golden letters in the pages of history, we have to agree that by changing the target in this match. The start of Pakistan was such that everyone started doubting whether the target was too small. Friends, listen to the statistics of the Pakistan team.

Pak vs Aus

Shafiq scored 64 runs in 61 balls. Imam Halaq alone scored 70 runs in 71 balls. Babar did not walk but Rizwan stood guard in the field for his team. He had scored 42 runs with five fours in 35 balls. Shakeel went after scoring 30 runs while Iftikhar Ahmed scored 23 runs by hitting three sixes in 17 balls. now the Pakistan team needed 103 runs in 71 balls to win.

The target could have been achieved very easily,

The only spice was the wickets, if anyone learned that dialogue from the Pakistanis, how they lost the won buses, then you must have heard that the emotions have turned upside down, today something similar happened with the Pakistanis, Will never forget Adam Zampa who not only got Rizwan out but also made Iftikhar Ahmed LBW during his stormy innings. Pakistan team already needed 92 runs in 52 balls to win but the wickets were just four wickets.

After this, the dominance of the Australian team was established and they also won the match, but after losing to the Australian team, Babar Azam was completely broken and then he said something like this about India, after hearing this, everyone was shocked. Let me tell you.

Babar Azam said in his statement for India,

I have no words at all for such a bad defeat. I feel that the biggest culprit of the Pakistan team, I am the only one responsible and guilty for everything because of the Australian team. May have made a big score but our team left no stone unturned to convert it in the medal order when my team needed me the most, I was not able to bat well for the team and I feel that That’s why the Pakistan team lost today’s match.

Pak vs Aus
Pak vs Aus

After losing to India, we thought that we had learned a lot and in the next match we would apply it and win the rest of the matches but today we were proved wrong, the Australian team was much better than us. They performed well, that’s why they deserve to win. Our wickets fell because of our mistake and if I had taken some 20 to 30 extra runs for our team, we might have got that confidence and perhaps we could have won.

But the target was so big that

the pressure on the last players also kept increasing and we lost this match but I would like to praise the Indian fans who were present on the field and were encouraging the Pakistan team. we did our best to win. we have never seen such cricket fans in the world who especially respect Pakistan or opposing teams so much, how to play good innings last time, but unfortunately, I could not do the same for my team. Indian fans I have a special respect

Pakistan team has lost back-to-back matches but Babar Azam said for India Indian players and Indian fans were heart winning, still friends what do you all think Power Azam Rohit Sharma and Virat Who is the best batsman in the World Cup? Do tell us by commenting below.

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Pak vs Aus Pak vs Aus

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