The Beekeeper Movie Review: Jason Statham New Action Thriller

The Beekeeper Movie Review: Jason Statham New Action Thriller

The Beekeeper Movie Review: Jason Statham New Action Thriller

The Beekeeper: Jason Statham New Action Thriller

The Beekeeper Movie Review: Jason Statham New Action Thriller
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Jason Statham has a reputation for high-energy, hard-hitting action movies that leave audiences feeling satisfied, yet wanting more. His newest film, “The Beekeeper,” is no exception. This intriguing thriller centers around a retired The beekeeper seeking revenge after his beloved mentor is swindled out of millions. Here’s an in-depth look at whether “The Beekeeper” measures up to Statham’s impressive action movie catalog.

The Plot Thickens

The storyline draws viewers in right away, opening with the history of a mysterious agency known as The Beekeepers dating back thousands of years. Flashforward to present day, and we’re introduced to Jason Statham’s character, simply referred to as “Sting.” Sting is a tough, no-nonsense beekeeper who learns his trusted mentor has committed suicide after losing $2 million dollars in an online phishing scam. The culprit? An unidentified criminal network that not even the FBI can seem to catch.

Fueled by rage over losing his mother-like friend, Sting sets out on a relentless quest to take down the cyber criminals himself. However, he soon realizes he’s up against a powerful global entity known as The Hive, led by a ruthless queen bee at the center of it all.

Full Buzz Ahead

Just when you think you know where things are headed, The Beekeeper takes a sharp turn down an avenue you’d never expect. It turns out Sting has his own hidden connections to an ancient secret society tasked with protecting bees, human civilization’s tiny but mighty unsung heroes. With honeybee colonies mysteriously dying off around the world, the stakes are higher than ever for Sting to succeed in his mission.

“This movie turned out to be completely different from what I had thought…I got to see all that because of which I am away from this movie. It was completely engaging from the beginning till the end and there are definitely more parts coming in the future.”

The Hive also has bigger plans than stealing a few million dollars. Their advanced technologies and networks put them at the center of world economies, pulling strings like shadow puppet masters. Not even presidents or government agencies can intervene, leaving them essentially omnipotent. Now it’s up to one retired beekeeper to save humanity from the brink of disaster. Talk about an intense showdown.

BEEKEEPER | Official Restricted Trailer

Killer Action Sequences

You can always count on a Jason Statham film to bring the heat in the action department. The Beekeeper unleashes truly next-level fight sequences, shootouts, and death-defying stunt work. Fair warning, the brutality gets turned up to ten, so brace yourself for some extremely bloody scenes. We’re talking point-blank headshots, severed limbs, and more.

“You will get to see next level amazing actions. You will get to see all the different types of actions like bullets with two handed comments in this movie and the character of Jason Tatham is amazing.”

If raw, ramped up action is your thing, you’ll surely get your fill and then some from The Beekeeper. Statham fans will revel in his signature intensity, while newcomers may find themselves shocked at just how vicious his character can get when provoked.

Killer Cast

A knock-down, drag-out ballistic action thriller needs a heavyweight cast who can hold their own alongside Jason Statham’s commanding presence. The Beekeeper ensemble helps ratchet up the star power even further. Members of The Hive make suitably menacing villains you love to hate, while fellow Beekeepers demonstrate a range of lethal skills.

The fierce female lead more than proves herself as Statham’s partner, both in beekeeping and vengeance seeking. Their chemistry sizzles on screen, developing an emotional investment to balance out the special effects extravaganzas. Overall, the stellar cast strikes the right notes to bring The Beekeeper’s chaos to life in memorable fashion.

Sticking the Landing?

For the most part, The Beekeeper offers exactly what you’d hope for from a Jason Statham action vehicle. It has no shortage of fist fights, bullets flying and things blowing up. The premise explores an intriguing world of ancient secrets and modern cyber threats. It provides just enough character development and plot reveals to leave you fulfilled, yet curious to learn more in the inevitable sequels.

As the credits roll, you’re likely to feel pumped up and satisfied by Statham and company’s efforts. Minor quibbles involve wishing for more details on the Beekeepers’ history and purpose. The brutality also becomes almost numbing after a point for any viewers not completely desensitized. However, these don’t detract too heavily from the film’s primary goal of showcasing Statham’s brawn in all its glory.

The Bottom Line

If you’re seeking a straightforward action movie centered around a brooding hero facing off against menacing villains, The Beekeeper won’t disappoint. It provides an enticing update on Statham’s crime-fighting formula by immersing viewers in the world of bees and those sworn to defend them. The fight choreography reaches exhilarating heights through incredibly raw, spare-no-blood battles.

Diehard Statham devotees can rejoice in his grisly display of rage and revenge. Even those less familiar with his work will discover an entertaining introduction to his chops. The Beekeeper ultimately succeeds as an action vehicle to spotlight his stoic athleticism – and leaves things open for more to come. So if you crave action with an environmentalist twist, be sure to catch The Beekeeper in theaters now.

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