The REAL Story Behind Feud Season 2 2024

The REAL Story Behind Feud Season 2

The REAL Story Behind Feud Season 2

By Angelina, Writer

The second season of Ryan Murphy’s hit anthology series Feud delves into the scandalous falling out between acclaimed author Truman Capote and his circle of high-society female friends known as “the swans.” With a star-studded cast bringing this juicy true story to life, Feud aims to give viewers an inside look at the glitz and betrayal behind New York’s elite social scene in the 1960s and 70s. As an writer covering entertainment news, I’ll reveal the facts and rumors surrounding Capote’s legendary swans and what ultimately tore these one-time friends apart.

Who Was Truman Capote?

Before diving into Capote’s circle of prominent female friends, it helps to understand the author himself. Born in New Orleans in 1924, Capote displayed literary talent from a young age. After publishing a collection of short stories, he gained widespread praise for his novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s and his seminal true crime book In Cold Blood. With his high, nasally voice and flamboyant fashion sense, Capote cut an intriguing figure in the public eye. He was also known to embellish stories, which would come back to haunt him with the swans.

FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans | Official Trailer | FX

The Swans: Manhattan’s Elite Socialites

Thanks to the success of In Cold Blood, Capote found himself running with Manhattan’s most prominent socialites in the 1960s. These women—dubbed “swans” by Capote—came from old money and moved in the most exclusive circles. The clique included fashion icon Babe Paley, Hollywood wife Slim Keith, Jackie Kennedy’s sister Lee Radziwill, and banking heiress Anne Woodward. Capote loved surrounding himself with these beautiful, rich women and living vicariously through their lavish lifestyles. Little did he know these globe-trotting friends would soon turn against him.

From Besties to Betrayal: How It All Blew Up

For years, Capote’s swans freely shared juicy gossip and scandalous secrets with the author. Then in 1975, he made the disastrous decision to publish a thinly veiled short story, “La Côte Basque 1965,” that aired all their dirty laundry. The story told of socialite murders, affairs, abortions and more, barely masking the swans’ identities. Unsurprisingly, they felt utterly betrayed. The final nail in the coffin came when Anne Woodward committed suicide soon after the story’s publication, with many speculating it was due to the public humiliation.

Capote Persona Non Grata

Shunned by his former inner circle, Capote found himself shut out from New York high society. His substance abuse issues worsened and his physical and mental health declined in his remaining years. The one-time literary darling grew increasingly erratic in public before retreating from the spotlight. Capote died in 1984 from liver disease, with some friends believing it was a blessing given the direction his life took after losing the swans. While Capote likely hoped to cement his legacy with the scandalous story, it ended up destroying career along with his personal relationships.

The Hotly Anticipated Feud Season

With incredible acting talents like Diane Lane, Naomi Watts and Jessica Lange bringing this slice of 1970s Manhattan aristocracy to life, Feud’s second season looks to be another knockout. Viewers can look forward to plenty of escapist glamour along with an intimate portrait of friendship, gossip and the ultimate betrayal among the era’s creme de la creme. Don’t miss a minute—catch Feud: Capote’s Women when it premieres this fall on FX.

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