The task of Keeping Your Tesla Cybertruck Spotless After an Extended Journey

The task of Keeping Your Tesla Cybertruck Spotless After an Extended Journey

The task of Keeping Your Tesla Cybertruck Spotless After an Extended Journey

Here How Difficult It Is To Clean A Tesla Cybertruck After A Long Road Trip

Owning a Tesla Cybertruck is an exciting prospect, but maintaining its unique stainless steel exterior after a long road trip can be a challenging task. Unlike traditional painted cars that can be cleaned with a simple bucket, soap, and rag, the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body requires a more involved cleaning process.

The Cybertruck’s Cleaning Conundrum

After a long road trip, the Tesla Cybertruck’s stainless steel body can accumulate a significant amount of bugs, grime, salt, and other debris. This buildup can leave the truck’s exterior looking dull and unappealing, requiring a thorough cleaning process to restore its shine and luster.

The Cleaning Process Revealed

In a recent video, a Tesla Cybertruck that had been driven for 4,500 miles in just a week underwent an extensive cleaning process. The first step involved blasting the truck with high-pressure water to remove the initial layer of grime. This was followed by scrubbing the entire surface with a soapy rag, repeating the process multiple times until the Cybertruck began to look clean.

However, even after this initial cleaning, the truck still had embedded bugs and an uneven appearance on the stainless steel panels, requiring further attention.

The Power of Bar Keeper’s Friend

To tackle the remaining bugs and restore the Cybertruck’s even finish, the cleaning process utilized Bar Keeper’s Friend in liquid form. This cleaning solution was applied over the entire truck and lightly polished, effectively removing the remaining debris and restoring the stainless steel’s uniform appearance.

After the Bar Keeper’s Friend treatment, the Cybertruck underwent another wipe-down and rinse, followed by a final touch-up with glass cleaner to ensure a spotless finish.

Maintaining the Cybertruck’s Shine

While the cleaning process demonstrated in the video was effective for a Cybertruck that had accumulated 4,500 miles worth of grime, it’s important to note that even a single drive can leave the stainless steel body looking dirty. Therefore, if you’re aiming for a perfectly clean Cybertruck, be prepared to extensively clean and polish it regularly.

Cleaning a Tesla Cybertruck after a long road trip is no easy feat. The stainless steel body requires a meticulous cleaning process involving high-pressure water, scrubbing, specialized cleaning solutions, and polishing to restore its shine and even appearance. While this may be a time-consuming task, it’s a necessary commitment for Cybertruck owners who want to maintain their vehicle’s unique and eye-catching exterior.

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